Feyz Contemporary Rugs

Feyz Contemporary Rugs are timeless in the sense that they modernize the traditional while nourishing from various disciplines and amalgamating them into a design language that is grounded in the past as well as the future. What primarily sets Feyz apart from other brands are the intricate and imposing patterns used in their design, our proprietary weaving technique, the quality of the threads and the craftsmanship that is embedded in each and every on of our rugs.

Carpet is not just an object to be used for warming or decorative purposes. It is a painting that not only lays on the floor, but also adorns the walls. Besides, it is part of our culture. Each pattern and texture has a different story. It is a timeless art in which the weaver adds a lot of himself during the embroidery of the motifs. As Feyz Contemporary Rugs, our approach to carpet is based on this spirit. In our models, we try to blend these traditional motifs with the modern and offer an attractive touch to your living spaces.

Today, thanks to the developing technology, it is possible to produce different carpets. It has ceased to be an industry based on manual labor as it used to be. In this way, it is much easier to embroider many different motifs and patterns on the carpet. The most important feature that distinguishes Feyz products from other brands is the combination of impressive patterns we use in their designs, special weaving technique, yarn quality and workmanship. In addition, while choosing our paints and materials with an environmentally friendly attitude, we always prefer environmentally friendly products first.

The carpet, whose history is almost running with the history of humanity, appears with different motifs and patterns in different periods. Carpet models can be of many different varieties thanks to the abundance of these patterns. In addition, it is divided into sub-types such as bedroom carpets, kitchen carpets or bedroom carpets. Feyz combines the past and the future when looking at the whole in carpet designs. It manages to add elegance to your living spaces with its weaving quality and vivid colors.

Carpets to be used in different areas of the house should also have different properties. We can consider a highly sought-after model such as a kitchen rug. The first feature sought for a carpet or rug to be used in the kitchen is that it is stain resistant. In addition, non-slip and washable are other important criteria. As Feyz Contemporary Rugs, you can find products that you can use in every area of ​​your home in our collection.

Besides carpet, another product that people prefer for their living spaces is rugs. Kilim is one of the oldest known types of weaving. The rug, which is a lint-free weaving type with the same back and front, draws attention with its many models. What makes rugs different from carpets is that they are lint-free and knot-free. You can find different types of rugs in the Feyz Contemporary collection and add a nice touch to your living spaces.

While adding a different breath to our living spaces, we usually choose carpets and rugs. However, in addition to these products, runner carpet is also a preferred type. The runner is also called the small carpet among the people. Especially since it is used in narrow spaces such as corridors, it is quite normal to get such a name.

We can say that the most important element that saves a room from being bare and gives it a breath and soul is the carpet. For this reason, bedroom carpets are a carpet that should be considered very carefully. It is also a very important choice in terms of health as well as elegance. The structures that collect the dust in the air, which we call the pile in the carpets, have a critical importance in terms of health.

The living room is perhaps the area where we spend the most time at home. It is also a living space that is showcased when our guests arrive. Therefore, it is a showcase where we present our sense of elegance to people. For this, the choice of living room carpet is very important. Because there is no other decoration product as effective as a carpet in creating the ambiance of a room. Feyz Contemporary Rugs is ready with different models to offer the elegance you desire in your salons.